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struct user_net_device_stats {
    unsigned long long rx_packets;  /* total packets received       */
    unsigned long long tx_packets;  /* total packets transmitted    */
    unsigned long long rx_bytes;    /* total bytes received         */
    unsigned long long tx_bytes;    /* total bytes transmitted      */
    unsigned long rx_errors;  /* bad packets received         */
    unsigned long tx_errors;  /* packet transmit problems     */
    unsigned long rx_dropped; /* no space in linux buffers    */
    unsigned long tx_dropped; /* no space available in linux  */
    unsigned long rx_multicast;     /* multicast packets received   */
    unsigned long rx_compressed;
    unsigned long tx_compressed;
    unsigned long collisions;

    /* detailed rx_errors: */
    unsigned long rx_length_errors;
    unsigned long rx_over_errors;   /* receiver ring buff overflow  */
    unsigned long rx_crc_errors;    /* recved pkt with crc error    */
    unsigned long rx_frame_errors;  /* recv'd frame alignment error */
    unsigned long rx_fifo_errors;   /* recv'r fifo overrun          */
    unsigned long rx_missed_errors; /* receiver missed packet     */
    /* detailed tx_errors */
    unsigned long tx_aborted_errors;
    unsigned long tx_carrier_errors;
    unsigned long tx_fifo_errors;
    unsigned long tx_heartbeat_errors;
    unsigned long tx_window_errors;

struct interface {
    struct interface *next, *prev; 
    char name[IFNAMSIZ];      /* interface name        */
    short type;               /* if type               */
    short flags;        /* various flags         */
    int metric;               /* routing metric        */
    int mtu;                  /* MTU value             */
    int tx_queue_len;         /* transmit queue length */
    struct ifmap map;         /* hardware setup        */
    struct sockaddr addr;     /* IP address            */
    struct sockaddr dstaddr;  /* P-P IP address        */
    struct sockaddr broadaddr;      /* IP broadcast address  */
    struct sockaddr netmask;  /* IP network mask       */
    struct sockaddr ipxaddr_bb;     /* IPX network address   */
    struct sockaddr ipxaddr_sn;     /* IPX network address   */
    struct sockaddr ipxaddr_e3;     /* IPX network address   */
    struct sockaddr ipxaddr_e2;     /* IPX network address   */
    struct sockaddr ddpaddr;  /* Appletalk DDP address */
    struct sockaddr ecaddr;   /* Econet address        */
    int has_ip;
    int has_ipx_bb;
    int has_ipx_sn;
    int has_ipx_e3;
    int has_ipx_e2;
    int has_ax25;
    int has_ddp;
    int has_econet;
    char hwaddr[32];          /* HW address            */
    int statistics_valid;
    struct user_net_device_stats stats;         /* statistics            */
    int keepalive;            /* keepalive value for SLIP */
    int outfill;        /* outfill value for SLIP */

extern int if_fetch(struct interface *ife);

extern int for_all_interfaces(int (*)(struct interface *, void *), void *);
extern int free_interface_list(void);
extern struct interface *lookup_interface(char *name);
extern int if_readlist(void);

extern int do_if_fetch(struct interface *ife);
extern int do_if_print(struct interface *ife, void *cookie);

extern void ife_print(struct interface *ptr);

extern int ife_short;

extern const char *if_port_text[][4];

/* Defines for poor glibc2.0 users, the feature check is done at runtime */
#if !defined(SIOCSIFTXQLEN)
#define SIOCSIFTXQLEN      0x8943
#define SIOCGIFTXQLEN      0x8942

#if !defined(ifr_qlen)
/* Actually it is ifru_ivalue, but that is not present in 2.0 kernel headers */   
#define ifr_qlen        ifr_ifru.ifru_mtu


#define IFF_DYNAMIC     0x8000      /* dialup device with changing addresses */

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